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Welcome to My Website

Hello and Welcome to my website!

The reason that I have opened an international website is that I have had so many requests to do so! I run South Africa’s premier dating service and I have been approached by many overseas and local companies to link up with them but I am not happy with the standard of the applicants that they are prepared to take on. I will ONLY accept people who are successful, well-travelled, well-presented, and both emotionally and financially stable.

I have built this business from nothing, 12yrs ago, into the successful business that it is today. I have been interviewed by every major publication in South Africa and have been on every major radio and TV station. I am acknowledged as the leading Dating Agent in South Africa by every other dating agency and the media.

My site will differ as I have NEVER compromised on standard and I have NEVER had an unpleasant experience occur within my own dating agency. This site will be STRICTLY monitored by myself! The site will differ in that we will be able to keep a track of who has dated whom & their constructive input.

Becoming a Member

What I would require from a potential client is a set of 5 photographs and for you to fill out an indemnity form. The photographs required are as follows:

  • One Formal / Cocktail Wear
  • One in Holiday / Casual Wear
  • One CLOSE-UP (Head & Shoulders)
  • Lastly, one holding a can of Coca-Cola (So I know the picture is recent.)

I have decided to ask you all for a photograph with a Coke can as this is a universal method that I can use to ensure that the picture where you are holding the can is the same picture of you in your other photographs. The biggest complaint that people have on websites is that people post out of date photographs of themselves to ensure a younger partner but once the people meet, the disappointment sets in. This also ensures that your passport is of the same person as well, for security reasons. Actually…the Coke can picture usually turns out the be one of the best photographs as people seem to be playful, having fun, or just having a good time!

I will JUST be posting your photographs as my clients are absolutely phobic about privacy! (Don’t worry about you being recognised! In general…photographs just give a broad overview of what a person looks like. My photograph is in the newspapers on a REGULAR basis and I do not have people rushing up to me on the streets or in a restaurant saying, OH! I recognise you!) So relax! This is going to be the new way that people are going to find a partner. It is going to be great fun just enjoying an evening of viewing potential dates or partners in the safety and privacy of your own home without having to go to pubs or clubs.

You will also know that the person is available for dating as opposed to guessing whether they are in a relationship or not! Most decent men will NOT just walk up to a decent looking woman in a shopping centre and say ‘You have GREAT looking hair, legs, eyes etc. may I take you for coffee? AUTOMATICALLY men think that if you are a good looking girl, that you AUTOMATICALLY have a boyfriend or husband! NOT SO boys!

Why do you think that all the slinky looking girls wander around the shopping centres on their own?

They are advertising that they are single! But most men are too scared to approach them in case their big bruiser boyfriend walks out of one of the shops and asks them what they want with their girlfriend! The other reason that I do not think that it is fair to put ages down is that my clients just HAPPEN to be phobic about AGE!

I do not know WHY men want someone 10-15yrs younger than themselves! WHO came up with that figure?

In general the statistics show that more than an 8yr age gap has a 25% chance of not working out and more than an 11yr age gap has an 85% chance of not working out. so why would ANYONE want to go into a relationship with such poor statistics of not working out? I KNOW that there is the exception to the rule but I want you to all have a really GOOD chance of finding a long term partner rather than going in and out of failed relationships on a regular basis. I am here to take great care of you and I hope that you all have fun in the process of meeting someone fabulously interesting and intriguing!

My very Best Wishes to you all!


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