Dear Applicant

This website is for the most exciting dating that there is, as this is a monitored website to source the calibre of client that you are all looking for, so please take advantage of it.

I am sure that you are going to enjoy meeting people from all parts of this wonderful world of ours and I hope that you travel to destinations that you haven't yet dreamed of!

I would like you to give yourself the best possible chance of finding someone special, so my suggestion to you would be to fill out your form so that it makes for interesting reading for the viewer, and it distinguishes your very own special personality traits from hundreds of other members.

To do this, please do not print your CV as they are not looking to employ you! Rather tell the viewer a little of how you got into your present occupation... and if you are living in another country to your land of birth, what got you to go there.

This is the reason for the flags above your profiles.

Because the world is getting smaller and smaller due to the wonderful world of opportunities and technology I have hundreds of people who are now working abroad and they would love to meet people from their own country whilst there. My clients are CRAZY! They would rather jump on an aeroplane to go for a long weekend date with someone in London than date someone from across town! Somehow it seems more exciting! And this is why I have had WAY more success with intercity relationships than same-city relationships!

Excitement and life long memories are the key to first few dates as this builds trust and memories that we have not shared with our previous partners.

So? A weekend in London, Italy, France?..... or a boring coffee date telling each other how difficult it is to find someone special?

I HAVE had many people fall in love from the same town but their dates have started off in a unique way! The woman's car battery was flat when she went to her garage so her date said that he would come and fetch her,.....on the way he had a puncture! So instead of thinking that the date was doomed from the start! They got together for a drink that evening and had a good laugh about it! They are now happily married!

You ALL say that because you run family businesses or are in a career that you love...that you would NEVER date someone from another town or country! Well! Guess what? If an attractive enough person is put in front of you... you ALL make a plan! I have seen it done 2 564 times now!

Female anaesthetist from Johannesburg found a businessman in the Cape. He had retired at the age of 42 so she spent weekends with him in the Cape and he went to Jhb with her during the week if they had a dinner date with friends or family birthday etc. She slowly moved her practise to the Cape and they are now happily married with three children.

Businessman from Jhb met a girl in the Cape and have gone into business together opening a business park near the airport.

I have several bankers living in Hong Kong who would like to meet Aussies, South African's, and people from the UK and USA.

I had request from an Afrikaans man who went to farm in Australia and lost his wife to breast cancer. He asked me to find him a wife who could speak Afrikaans and who wanted to go and live in Australia. WHAT fun my clients had going to visit him! He was an absolute gentleman and took them all over Australia in order to get to know them better. He is now happily remarried to a young widow from the Bloemfontein.

Male doctor who went to work in Ireland. He met many people who holidayed in Ireland who spent time with him in his lovely home and went yachting with him in the Summer. He found a lovely wife and they are now happily married.

I had a female movie director now working and living in the USA who used to live in Africa and loved having contact with anyone from Africa. So she met wonderfully interesting people who were going over to her part of the USA on holiday or for work-related trips.

I had an Indian female South African doctor who went to work and live in Singapore and she landed up marrying a Black male who she had met up with previously in Jhb and they had such a fun time with lots of laughter on their date that she asked him to come and visit her for the holidays. They are now happily married in Singapore!

I had an Irish woman come out to South Africa on holiday and she fell in love with South African men! She is now very happily married to a South African man from the South Coast who lost his wife to cancer. They spend the Irish Winter's in SA visiting his family and friends, then they go back to run the B&B together in the Irish Summer.

And a young female from Dbn met a young businessman from Jhb. They had such fun talking to each other via Skype etc. before they had even MET that they decided to go to Italy for a long weekend! They are now happily married.

So let us see where this opportunity takes YOU! : And as MOST people put down how 'perfect' they are on is rather a letdown when one meets them in person so I would encourage you to put in the negative and funny things that your friends and family say about you! Let's see if they can cope with your eating crackers in bed at 2am when you are hungry! Or if they will forgive you for being perpetually late! And of course this will enable the viewer to see if you can at least laugh about yourself without getting too sensitive and uptight! :

Wishing you all the best fun in the world! :

Warmest Regards

Fiona Dorse


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